Academic Director

Ganapathy Pillai P

Aum Namasivaya!

First of all, I feel extremely happy to welcome you to this site, wherein you would speculate about our Amrita Vidyalayam, that is, its vision and mission.

To know the uniqueness of our school, a question to be asked is, "Does the present society march on the right path?" Do we smell something indifferent in the path of our present journey?

Yes,Technology brings far away objects very close to us. Sound, sight, materials can reach us in no time anywhere from the cosmos. But things which are vey dear to us are going away from us. 'Priya' the inseparable bond between parents and children,'pranipad' the reverence of students towards teachers,'seva' attitude towards our fellow bings,'tyaga' outlook towards our motherland, 'dharmic' bondage between husband and wife, and many more values are vanishing from the dictionary of life. Even one's own mind and body are not in union for any constructive act. In short, righteousness( what I can do for others ) has been replaced by right( what otheres should do for me) attitude.

What is the outcome? Healthy things and relations which make us happy are no more with us. Innumerable unhealthy objects, like television, mobile phone and other electronic gadgets, which disturb us are hanging on our shoulders. We develop 'raga'(likes) for the unhealthy objects and 'dvesha'(dislikes) for the healthy things.

What is the root cause for all these problems? The problem of today is not lack of knowledge, but the lack of wisdom. Knowledge put in to practice is wisdom. There is huge difference between what I know, what I belive and what I practise. When the gap between knowledge (theory) and wisdom (practical) is wide, the problems are also many.

In this century of smart world, knowledge is acquired easily; but it needs sincere and consistent effort to practice. We all know that to get a big thing we have to lose many small things? To separate few grams of gold, tonnes of soil are to be removed. That is, to get te real happiness of life, many small sacrifices are to be made. It may be reducing TV time, avoiding unhealthy life style and unhealthy food; forgoing killing precious time with friends and electronic gadgets, shunning damaging role models and so on. The value system of our school helps the children to bridge this wide gap between theory and practical.

Learners of our school also develop clarity in thought of what is good and bad. Parents also should help them to spend considerable time on reading good books, the habit of listening to the wise people. They should also be helped to de-condition the detrimental habits which have been acquired unconsciously from this so called modern society. To change anything from our consciousness it needs energy; but energy does not come from outside, it comes from within.

In addition to this, it also needs positive atmosphere, which can be provided only by the parents and teachers. In this wonderful journey of life, they should learn to avoid compromising precious values for petty achievements. It is a universal truth that anyone who compromises values and proceeds, the end of journey will be more painful.

Children are also longing to witness the real role model to practice. Scarcity of healthy role models in family and surroundings, provoke them to imitate cine stars as their role models. Parents have to understand that their duty towards their children does not stop just by providing only material comforts; but above all that, they also need to sacrifice their personal comfort and ego for the sake of their children.

One will take time to understand that our school is the right and healthy place to obtain education for life and education for living as no stone is left unturned to develop their multidimensional skills and to manifest their precious values. Let us understand the truth and also help the children to understand the reality about the real life through the value based education.

Let Krishna blow His panchajanyam to wake up us from our deep slumber, so through us, that is through teacher, students and parents, once again the dharma will prevail everywhere.

Once again I pray the Almighty to bestow our children with skills and values in abundance so to lead a dharmic and purposeful life.

Ever in Amma's Service,
P. Ganapathy Pillai