Student Portfolio at Amrita

Primary School

Head BoyDharsan S.V-B
Head GirlSri Gowri J.V-B
Asst. Head BoyKowshik S.V-B
Asst. Head GirlSwetha S.V-A
Cultural HeadVikasini G.V-E
Boys Sports Captain Aadhisheshaan K M. V-E
Girl Sports Captain Rohini C V. V-D
House Captains, Vice Captains and Band Leaders -- Primary

Secondary School

Head BoySharath S R.XI-B
Head Girl Ananya B Nair XI-A
Asst. Head Boy Vysnav Vikram S. XI-B
Asst. Head Girl Loganayaki D. XI-B
Cultural Head Aiswarya P V. XI-B
Boys Sports Captain Pragatheswar. S XI-C
Girl Sports Captain Shalini N. XI-C
House Captains, Vice Captains and Band Leaders -- Secondary

Houses at Amrita

House Co-ordinator: Shri Sridhar L.

House Name Significance House Masters House Mistress
Amritamayi Stands for Purity, Sacrifice and Courage Shri. Gopal. K. S Ms. Malathi. T
Anandamayi Stands for Harmony, Stability and Eternal Happiness Shri. Mahesh. K Smt. Rama. H
Chinmayi Stands for Concentration, Scenernity Shri. Vijayshankar Anand. P Smt. Chithra. V
Jyothirmayi Stands for Optimism, Enlightenment and Happiness Shri. Kalingaraj. P Smt. Banumathi. S

Clubs at Amrita

1. Science and Nature Club: This club helps the students to imbibe the habit of self reliance, self dependence and love for nature.
2. Quiz and current affairs Club: The objective of this club is to create interest and awareness among the students regarding the global happenings and updating the school on current affairs.
3. Book Club: The ultimate aim of book club is to develop the reading skill of voracious readers.
4. Heritage Club: This club helps the children to become aware of their heritage and to inclucate interest in our past and a sense of pride for this rich history.
5. Public Speaking Club (English & Tamil): The main aim of this club is to trigger the students' communicative skil and to inculcate leadership quality, and to develop their confidence to face various competitions.
6. Spoken Sanskrit Club: Children in this club are trained to speak in Sanskrit language.
7. Maths Club: Students of this club get to know new and easy techniques of solving math problems and the significance of the same in our day to day life.
8. Dramatics Club (English & Tamil): The aim of the dramatics club is to specialize students in linguistic skills and to foster their theatric techniques.
9. Cookery Club: Cookery club inculcate the interest and awareness about cooking among the children and motivates them to learn about the healthy and tasty food items.
10. Craft and Jewelry Club: The children in this club acquire creative skill by learning the art of making different kinds of ornaments and articles.
11. Art Gallery Club: Children develop their creativity by enhancing their talent through art.
12. Vyasa Club: This club creates enough opportunities to the students to sharpen their quizzing skill. This is formed to impart special training for students appearing for all competitive exams.
13. Dance Club: Students learn different dance forms. This club helps to increase the spirit of co-curricular activities among the students.
14. Music Club: Students in this club gain the basic knowledge of music. Students sing Bhajans and immerse everyone in the ocean of bhakti.
15. Needle Work Club: Students are being taught the art of tailoring small items like scarves, bags , etc.,
16. Sports Club: This club helps in the physical development of the children.
17. Band Club: Children in the club are trained to excel in playing the instruments. They understand the importance of uniformity, harmony and discipline.
18. Swimming Club: It helps in the development of kinesthetic intelligence of the children.
19. NCC: National cadet corps was started with a vision of improving the secular outlook, spirit of adventure, sportsmanship and ideals of selfless service among the youth to make them useful citizens. The bringing of NCC to school premises will harbor and instill patriotism in children right from their tender age. With the success and prosperity in mind, we have decided to initiate the great endeavor of upholding the country’s respect and recognition through the initiation in NCC in Amrita Vidyalayam Ettimadai. Once the decision is done, the action must go on. With the help of great souls the NCC troop initiation of AMRITA VIDYALAYAM - ETTIMADAI took place on 28/9/17 at 11.30 am. Without the spiritual ambience, one cannot proceed further. Thus NCC was initiated at school by lighting the lamp followed by prayer. Then the session was headed with the guidance of the Chief Guest COL.SHANASHER SINGH. The School choir invoked the celestial blessings and later the gathering was welcomed by SHRI.UNNIKUTTAN (NCC CARETAKER). A floral welcome was given to the dignitaries.
i. We had an opportunity to work on hands in an organized campaign of Swachh Bharat which was held at AMRITA VIDYALAYAM - ETTIMADAI on 27/7/18.
ii. Fifty of our cadets joined hands in this selfless service.
20. Cubs/Bullbul Classes: Cubs and Bulbuls class was started on 24th June 2017. The formal inaugural function was held on 04.08.2017. One day camp was conducted in the school campus on 09.09.2017. As part of the proceedings, different types of claps, prayer song, salute, law, promise, March past, Bulbul greeting, Balu play, different types of knots were taught. Students were taken to Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vadavalli on 28.10.2017.
The number of cubs/bulbuls is as follows:
i. 2017-2018: # Cubs : 60, # Bulbuls : 53
ii. 2018-2019: # Cubs : 79, # Bulbuls : 49